«MADO» Medical and Psychological Center - Alena Al-As

Alena Al-As

Alena Al-As

Psychologist-Sexologist, Woman Couch


  • Psychology of communication
  • Law self-esteem
  • Building harmonious relationships with other sex
  • Woman-building trainings
  • Sexual practices trainings
  • Fixation of many woman health issues
  • Omission of woman's bodies
  • Stress incontinence
  • Stretching of the vagina after birth giving
  • Difficulties with conceiving

Has a large experience in the area and high effectiveness in reaching the positive results. Medical education gives the opportunity to look at the situation from different points and find the most convenient way to deal with the situation.


  • Donetsk national medical university named by Gorky, faculty of medical and prophylactic work, pediatrics
  • Donetsk institute of social education, faculty of Psychology
  • International Erickson University of coaching, Karlov University, Prague
  • Handiwork "Woman's infertility. Physical, hormonal and emotional factors"

Principles of work:

I like seeing sudden shine in the eyes and self-reliance in once diffident, clamped and unskillful in relationships woman. They start shining from inside, smiling, stop being afraid of close relationships. When they happily get involved in new relationships and drastically change the old once. When they start enjoying the life, realizing that living here and now is the best choice.

The pscyhotechnics I use is a real ways out of difficult situations and a way to learn how to build relationships with man and yourself. A big part of it is sexual aspect of relationships and if desired - any woman can learn concrete sexual practices that will take her to a whole new level as a lover. It is a possibility to learn how to get very special pleasure in sex for both partners.