«MADO» Medical and Psychological Center - Balakin Michael

Balakin Michael

Balakin Michael

Psychologist, Business coach, Consultant


  • Russian State Humanities University
  • Moscow Humanities University
  • Russian University of Friendship of People
  • Modern Institute of Managment

Experience of consulting more than 14 years.


Psychological issues:

  • Fears and anxiety
  • Inducted psychological dependency
  • Improving life quality

Business consulting:

  • Building systems of motivation (material, non-material)
  • Analysis of corporate culture (values of company, loyalty of personnel, inside norms, role behavior, formation of identity of employee)


  • Moscow Social-Humanities Academy, faculty of Psychology, specialization in "Social and professional adaptation of population"


  • Influence of myth on developing of a personality
  • Influence of a fairytale, as a form of myth on developing a child's personality
  • Meaning and functions of a ritual in developing of a personality
  • Question of destructive totalitarian corporative cults
  • Specifics of a family functioning, that increase a risk of being involved in destructive cult
  • Specifics of organization of psychological help involving volunteers
  • Specifics of organization and motivation of volunteers actions as an extra resource of a company

Principles of work:

My main goal is to provide help in overcoming difficult situations connected both with personal well-being and with success in business. I believe that only drawing to scientific knowledge, scientific approach to analysis of behavior, emotions, motivations, we can get serious permanent result which leads to desired changes. Practice of such approach to work allows me to be effective both in individual work and in work with difficult social systems, such as family or organization (company).

In my armory I've got knowledge in a field of psychology, theory of systems, theory of actions, system approach; experience in consulting, in developing and leading trainings; constant training

I've accumulated a large practical experience of working with people in difficult life situation, experience of working in extreme conditions. More than 5 years of deep work with problem of inducted psychological dependence.

I've developed and lead a lot of trainings on different topics. I've also conducted an analysis of corporative culture (values, systems of relationships) of different organizations. Accumulated experience in building and implementation systems of motivation.


  • Psychological consulting - first session 5000 rub; next sessions 4500 rub.
  • Family consulting - 5000 rub.
  • Business Consulting - 7000 rub (max 1h30min).