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Buseva Marfa

Buseva Marfa

Child psychologist, Master of psychology


  • Problems in emotional sphere (fears, anxiety, naughtiness)
  • Problems in behavior and communication (lack of social skills, inability to communicate with other children and adults, teachers; conflicts, aggressive behavior; shyness, insularity)
  • Problems in studying (slowness, restlessness, lack of independence; determining the reasons of problems in studying)
  • Infantilism (inability to find an interesting hobby, problems with self-organization)
  • Consultations for parents with questions of nurturing and developing a child or teenager, including consulting parents on issues hard to discuss with children (meaning of life, theme of death, questions about sex, gender differences and relationships between them, other "awkward" questions, that children ask
  • Pscyho-emotional diagnosis of child's readiness for school


  • Russian State Humaties University, 2008; speciality - Master of Psychology
  • Russian State Humaties University. 2006; speciality - psychologist, professor of psychology
  • Moscow City Psycho-Pedagogyc University, faculty of training, speciality - Clinical psychologist
  • Institution of postgraduate studies of Moscow City Pedagogic University, 2013; "Psychoneurological and Neuropsychological diagnostic and correction of school failure"
  • Centre of psycho-pedagogic rehabilitation and correction "On Taganka", 2010, "Metaphorical psychotherapy"
  • Centre of psycho-pedagogic rehabilitation and correction "On Taganka", 2008, "Psychotherapy of kids and teens"
  • Institution of psychotherapy and clinical psychology, 2007, "Base techniques of art therapy, working with a drawing"
  • Institution of group and family psychology and psychotherapy, 2006, "Erickson Hypnosis"
  • Centre of psycho-pedagogic rehabilitation and correction "On Taganka", 2006, "Bodily-oriented psychotherapy"
  • Institution of group and family psychology and psychotherapy, 2005 "Basics of training"
  • Moscow Centre of NLP (NeuroLinguistic programming), 2005 "NLP-practice"

Principles of work:

I work with parents and children (2 to 18 yrs) and help solving psychological problems, which rise in kids, teens and adults.

On our first meeting I determine the reason of a problem and we decide how exactly are we going to work - how many session and how often do we need etc.

On our psychological sessions I help child to learn how to deal with his difficulties and new tasks arising. And on consultations after each sessions you'll know not only about changes happening with you child but also how to communicate with him more effectively and help to develope and how to be a happy parent of a happy child.

You can ask me any questions about developing and nurturing a child. main psychological methods I use in work with children is a send therapy, game therapy, metaphor therapy.

On the first consultation we communicate all together: parents (or parent) tell about his reason for turning to psychologist, than I work with a child and run diagnostics and after that we talk with parents on the results of diagnostic. On the next sessions, first - 1h with child, than - 30min consultation with mom/dad and answering their questions.