«MADO» Medical and Psychological Center - Krasilnikova Mary

Krasilnikova Mary

Krasilnikova Mary

Woman psychologist, Image maker


  • Right positioning
  • Image-consultation
  • Difficulties in relationships with other sex
  • Woman coaching
  • Increase of self-esteem
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Correct prioritization
  • Harmony and acceptance of feminine


  • Moscow State University, faculty of psychology
  • Moscow State Open Pedagogic University name of Sholohov, diploma of psychology teacher on specialization "Psychology"
  • Moscow State University of Culture and Art, specialization "Image-maker - Psychologist"
  • Institution of Reputation Techmologies "Art Image", specialization "Image-maker - stylist"
  • Learning and Traineeship in France in International Academy "Regin Ferrere" on academy programm
  • Centre of emotional-shaped therapy Linde N., studying on specialization "emotionally-shaped therapy"
  • Sertificate on finishing a course of emotionally-shaped therapy through understanding a transactional analysis. By "European association of psychotherapy. Asian federation of psychotherapy. World Council of psychotherapy. All-Russian professional psychotherapeutic legue"


Do you like to win? I assume you do! But no matter what game you play - your chances to win would be much heightened if you know the rules. My relationships with clothes, accessories, changing the image, formation of style - is an amazing game ! An it is easy to win this game if you have the knowledge and niceties of this science, and then the science becomes the art, that are turned into a game.

There are some clients that come on a certain stage of their life. In this moments, people believe that it is enough just to change their clothes and hair and the new life will begin, but unfortunately this is not always enough. In such cases I work as a psychologist and an image-maker/coach, I help the client to determine his life goals and plans for the future so the person can step on the new stage of her/his development. As soon as the client realizes what his goals are he opens a new phase of his life and the new image and style are formatted according to those. My clients are people of different sex, I work both with man and woman of different social states and life priorities. The thing that unites them is their love to beauty and wish to finalynrule their lifes.


Mary has been a professor at the Moscow State University of Culture and Art and in Institution of Reputation Technologies "Art Image". She conducted business games, presentations and trainings in "Institution of business games of Alexander Knyasev". She worked as a stylist and training-manager in "Studio of Style of Kira Plastinina". Conducted image-trainings in private firms and private working as an image-maker - psychologist. Worked with Italian "Grazia". Published in magazines "Doctor Travel" and "Cabines", "Cosmopolitan".Has a long history of working on TV where Mary works as a director of an image. Today you can see her project at such channels as "Russia" and "Domashniy". On first channel Mary works as an invited expert in "Good Morning" show.

Mary has an experience of working as image-maker/stylist with such companies as : Diana Fov Furstenberg , Showroom Costes; magazines: «Doctor Travel», «Cabines», «Harpers Bazzar», «Grazia».

Price for one session – 3000.