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Romanova Elvira

Romanova Elvira

Clinical psychologist, Gestalt therapist


  • Dealing with crisis situations (age crisis, difficult life situations)
  • Problems in relationships (family, parent-child, separation from parents, friends, professional)
  • Professional orientation of kids and teens
  • Anxiety, fears, depression
  • Improving life quality
  • Managing emotions
  • Rehabilitation after psychosis, severe depressions, hospitalizations
  • Psychological support for psychiatric clients and there relatives
  • Psychodiagnostics (studying specifics of mind functioning, memory, attention; specifics of personal spheres; diagnostic of abilities)


  • Russian State Humanities University, Institution of Psychology name of Vygotsky, faculty of social psychology and pedagogics
  • Moscow State Medical-Dantist University name of Eveokimov, faculty of clinical psychology
  • Moscow Gestalt Institutions

Principles of work:

Being a psychologist is incredibly interesting for me, because it is an opportunity to be in a moment with person who is turning for help and actually help him to open in this moment, to grow and overcome his issues and find his own way. For me it is important in this profession never to stop, practicing, learning, finding something new, share experiences and never to lose interest to yourself and other people.

More than 10 years ago I chose this profession and I still haven't regretted it even for a moment. During this time I've come a long way, successfully studied, tried myself in science, studied teenagers world of values, writed articles and spoke at the conferences; for almost 5 years I worked in an asylum, where I got a unique experience of working individually and in groups with people of different ages and social states, with different issues and diagnosis; I also got a large experience in psychodiagnostic there. Apart from that, it was always important for me not only to get experience but also to share it with colleagues. I did workshops, worked as a speaker and as a  moderator of a sections on student winter and summer psychological schools multiple times. And now I not only consult but also am a cowriter and coleader of a programm of support of a beginner psychologists and School of a Young Psychologist.


Individual session - 3000 rubles.

Professional orientation - 4000 rubles.