«MADO» Medical and Psychological Center -

Yakimchikova Helen

Bodily-oriented Psychotherapist , Psychiatrist


  • Anxiety disorders
  • Panic attacks
  • Obsessional neuroses
  • Depression of neurotic level


  • 1-st Moscow Medical University name of Sechenov I.M., specialization – medical works
  • Internship in Psychiatry
  • In 1991 finished traineeship in CILODI (Central Institution of Lenin’s Orden of Doctors Improvement, now RMAPE), specialization – psychiatry
  • Doctor of highest coalification since 2001
  • In 2005 went to re-training to RMAPE (Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education), specialization – psychiatry

Principles of work:

Dear friends, I worked as a psychiatrist for many years and first was skeptical about power of psychotherapy. But with experience I started thinking more about why with neurotic disorders it always happens that relapse in symptomatic comes after some time (even if the long-term treatment was applied)? Why treatment with psychotherapist is often more effective than treatment with psychotropic medications?  (We’re not talking about so called “big psychiatry” where drug therapy is used). So I started looking into psychotherapy.

Closest to me was bodily-oriented approach. It is based on the assumption that body and psycho of person is too sides of one coin. Everything happening in body has an effect on mind and vice versa. Try to remember you strongest emotions and you’ll see that they’re always accompanied by tensions in some muscles. What if emotion is experienced often? And what if it’s suppressed because person is shamed not to show it but even to realize it? Than muscle tension becomes permanent and then he stops even feeling it. It leads to formation of diseases that are called psychosomatic.

Neurotic disorders can be various: it can be fears (phobias); for example social phobias – fear of close attention from other people leading to avoidance of social situations. Symptoms might be blush of face, tremor, nausea, constant uriesthesia. Specific (isolated) phobias. Phobias limited by specific situations such as fear of specific animals, darkness, flying, closed spaces, using public toilet, visiting dentist, blood or injury.

Working with problems that lead to disease can help a person make his body healthier. Working with body can help person make his psycho healthier, become harmonious, stress-resistant, change quality of his life. It is a serious work for both, therapist and the client. If the person is ready to work – the results will definitely be!

Psychotherapy is much wider than psychiatry. Psychiatry have boundaries. Psychotherapy – don’t. It’s is only limited by person willingness to change.

I work I multimodal methodic: it is a combination of bodily-oriented psychotherapy with symbol-drama.

Price for one session is 4000 rubles.