«MADO» Medical and Psychological Center - Yashchanina Gayane

Yashchanina Gayane

Yashchanina Gayane

Couples psychologist, Astrologist

Specializations as a psychologist:

  • Professional orientation
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Problems in interpersonal relations
  • Help in difficult, crisis situations
  • Diffidence
  • Complexes
  • Loss of meaning of life

Specialization as astrologist:

  • Individual horoscope
  • Professional orientation
  • Child horoscope, including psychoportret of a child, directions in development, how to raise, how to actualize those already given, help in understanding issues between parent and child
  • Compatibility horoscope, helps to realize compatibility of marrying partners, issues between them
  • Astroprognosis main life events by years
  • Choosing time for main life events


  • Institution of practical psychology
  • National Research University
  • Higher School of Economics, program – “Psychoconsalting and psychodiagnosis of a self”
  • Institution of psychotherapy and clinical psychology, “Symbol-drama in psychotherapy”
  • Centre of couples therapy, “Emotion-Focused therapy”
  • Academy name of Plehanov, “Finances and Credit”
  • School of Astrology P. Globa, 4 years course “Base Astronomy”
  • Astrological Academy in Moscow, course “Base Astrology, including prognosis methodic”. Coalification – astrologist-researcher

Principles of work:

I am an astropsychologist as in my work I use both: psychology and astrology. My profession is priceless as it helps person to find a way to himself, understand, what is already in him and how to actualize it.

As an astrologist I make and analyze natal map of a person (so called horoscope). It helps to understand psychological image of a person, specifics in personality, abilities, personal potential and its actualization, state of health, financial spheres, specifics in interruptions with partners in work and private relations, professional orientation, source of issues. And then, as a psychologist, I help person to deal with this problems, get out of life crisis, understand the reason it happened, heighten life quality, gain self-confidence. Everything I use in my work comes from my own life experience, as I used it on myself and gained success with it.

Price of a consultation is 4000 rubles, natal map is 8000.